The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) (2010) report on talent mobility stated that the problem of the skills gap is so fierce that a real talent crisis will be faced in less than a decade unless companies, policy-makers, and academic institutions work together to design an inclusive, modern human capital strategy. Hence, the development of a system to promote and enhance employability skills is the need for time. Hence, we have come forward to bridge this skill gap with the help of industry experts and on a mission to create not just educated but employable Skilled professionals.


We offer opportunities to our knowledge-hungry and brighter students for internship and work on our live projects with hand-on training on few modules.
We believe and trust their abilities and enhance their skills to the level. This gives them an excellent platform to prove themselves.


Our Recruitment cell works on:
  • career support to students by providing relevant training and by enhancing employability skills.
  • mentorship and motivation via working on technical knowledge, soft skills, goal setting, etc.
  • organize Career and Placement Guidance lectures by senior corporate personnel from various Industries and Organizations.
  • organize Job Fairs, and Recruitment Drives

Our partner Scholenberg International Pvt Ltd is on a continuous mission to provide the best and employable talent pool to industry.


Now feel the power of Empowerment.

We have observed a sudden rise in getting multiple queries from various clients for freelance Engineering Design assignments. Clients want to reduce their overheads by retrenching full-time engineers and preferring to offload design work to trusted freelancers to minimize the cost as seen as a recent trend.
To bridge this gap and meet the global industry requirement- we provide several freelance opportunities to our brighter students and empower themselves to be their own boss. We directly enroll our bright students in our talent pool of 100+ freelancer panelists.